The Different Types of Teas


There is a variety of teas to choose from these days. Tea brands differ by name, taste and packaging. Some teas range from mild to very strong and are enjoyed by a lot of people both young and old. Some people prefer it black with sugar or honey and lemon, or white with or without sugar. Either way it still tastes amazing whichever way you make it. What’s not to love about a perfect cup of tea with a cookie?

There are many different teas on the market and each one has its own unique taste and flavour. The main producers include Joko, Trinco, Glenn Tea, Five Roses, Eleven O’clock, Black Forest, Fresh Pack and Eve’s green tea. In addition, there are a variety of added flavours such as vanilla or strawberry options available. These teas can be found at any specialty tea shop, convenient store, cash and carry wholesaler, or a chain store.

Tea is made by placing a teabag into a cup then adding boiling water. The aroma, strength and taste are very important when making tea as each person has their own preference. Some people prefer a strong tea which means that the tea bag remains in the cup while others may prefer a mild tea by removing the tea bag before drinking. A great cup of tea can make you more focused, relaxed and calm. Most people enjoy a cup before bed time for its calming effect.

Most of these teas come in sachets of 10, 20, 50 or 100 bags each. Alternatively you could buy them in bulk boxes that contain smaller boxes of 6, 10 or 20 sachets each. Some are available in an easy-to-tear-off strip pack which is convenient for display in a small shop. Some bags are tagless such as Fresh Pack, Rooibos and Trinco. Five Roses are either tagless, with tags, or available as loose leaves. The green tea is known for its ability to keep you calm and helps with cleansing your body on the inside. Black Forest tea helps the body to get rid of antioxidants and harmful toxins.