Fulvic acid Benefits

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The widely known journal of scientific and medical research “HEALTH ALERT” called this substance the missing link in our food chain. All this is fulvic acid, which has truly unique medicinal properties. No wonder modern scientists call it the “Elixir of life”.

Over millions of years, fulvic acid is formed in the soil by processing billions of different microscopic plants with the help of microorganisms and contains 74 organic minerals, 10 vitamins and 18 amino acids. Plants absorb it from the soil, and then fulvic acid gets to animals from plant food, and similarly to people — from plant or animal food.

Fulvic acid is a component found in humic substances (derived from the Latin “humus” — earth or soil), as well as in some rare deposits of organic fulvates. Humic substances are formed during the decomposition of plant and animal residues under the influence of microorganisms and abiotic environmental factors.

Part of the chemical compounds and elements necessary in the process of life, the body produces independently. The rest (and most of them) necessary substances, such as minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, and many others), come to us along with food and water. However, not all minerals can be assimilated at the cellular level due to the large molecular weight that prevents the penetration of useful substances through the cell wall.

Fulvic acid reacts with minerals and breaks them down into ionic-sized particles, forming fulvates-the smallest possible forms of minerals. In such form minerals are easily absorbed by the human body. The low molecular weight ensures the permeability of fulvic acid through the cell membrane. When it is added, the percentage of absorption of bioactive additives at the cellular level increases to 98%, while the standard is considered to be 40-50%.

Fulvic acid:

1. Increases energy. Fulvic acid is a complex compound that has a unique ability to attract and retain both negative and positive ions. This makes it an important transporter of vitamins and minerals. The nutrients entered into our body get into a synergistic reaction with plant minerals, as a result, cells receive more energy, which in turn contributes to better physical fitness, endurance, improved mental activity and concentration, resistance to colds and flu, and strengthening the functions of the immune system.

2. Contains more than 70 minerals. Humic and fulvic acid ions form an ideal balance for the body of more than 70 different minerals, dozens of vitamins and amino acids. All these substances are biologically active and fully ready for use.

3. A powerful detoxifier. By delivering minerals and nutrients to the cell, fulvic acid binds heavy metals and radioactive substances such as lead, cadmium and mercury, viruses, and by-products, and then removes them from the cell and the body as a whole. Combining a large amount of nutrients in its composition, fulvic acid will give you a super-result that you will not get from other products offered on the market.

4. Antiviral and antibacterial activity. A fulvic acid molecule wraps around the virus blocking its entry into the cell and preventing it from reproducing. Acting this way, it sends an alert signal to the immune system about the appearance of an invader, which encourages the immune system to fight the virus, which is in a vulnerable position as a result of binding the fulvic acid molecule. As a result, the amount of the virus is reduced, and the immune system is more successful in coping with the disease. The inhibitory effect of fulvic acid is directed against the early stage of viral replication, so its preventive use is possible, in particular, during influenza epidemics.

5. Impact on the immune system. One of the most pronounced effects of the use of fulvic acid is an increase in the overall immune response. Fulvic acid regulates the amount of glycoproteins in the body that affect the balance of T – and B-lymphocytes. In addition, it activates the synthesis of interleukins 1 and 2, the production of endogenous interferon, gamma globulins, which leads to the activation of suppressed functions of the immune system.

6. Improves healing processes. Fulvic acid ions actively affect the restoration of cells’ ability to healthy growth and division. Regeneration of dermal cells improves the purity and elasticity of the skin. Restoration of bone tissue prevents the development of osteoporosis and contributes to the strengthening of the skeleton. The period of rehabilitation after surgical interventions and long-term chronic diseases is reduced.

7. Anti-stress action. Fulvic acid is involved in the regulation of stress hormones produced by the adrenal glands (epinephrine, norepinephrine). Increased levels of epinephrine and norepinephrine indicate an increased level of anxiety. Excess hormones are blocked by acid and do not reach their receptors in the cells. In addition, its ability to affect the saturation of red blood cells with oxygen improves overall health and leads to gaining strength.

8. Anti-atherosclerotic effect. Thanks to its ability to recognize and bind substances that are in excess in the body, fulvic acid forms and removes complexes with cholesterol and low-density lipoproteins from the body, which makes It effective in the fight against atherosclerosis and its consequences.


The body’s cells, including muscle fibers, consist of protein compounds, which in turn are formed from a set of amino acids. In fact, amino acids are proteins that are splitted by the digestive system to their constituent components. We can say that the body builds new cells and restores damaged tissue from AA. Amino acids are interchangeable (that is, those that the body synthesizes independently) and irreplaceable (those that can only be obtained with a high-quality diet). The main sources of protein, and therefore amino acids, are natural products: beef, pork, poultry, eggs, fish, cottage cheese, milk, cheese, shellfish, legumes, nuts. Amino acids have the structure of multicomponent chains. Once in the stomach, the chains split under the action of enzymes. In this form, AA are absorbed by the small intestine and sent to the liver. Here they are “sorted” and distributed for the following tasks: cell recovery, formation of other AA, hormone synthesis, and maintenance of immunity.


Proteins (and their constituent parts – amino acids) play an important role in the body.

Let’s enlist their main functions:
renewal and restoration of cells and tissues;
maintaining the normal functioning of the immune system;
movement of hormones, oxygen and other substances;
converting fat and carbohydrates into energy;
transmitting genetic information;
construction of DNA and RNA molecules.

Lack of protein compounds (for example, in vegetarians) or their low content in the diet (less than 0.5 g per 1 kg of human weight) can cause serious disorders in the body: weakness, decreased brain activity, the development of depression, slow healing of wounds, deterioration of the skin, nails, hair, loss of muscle mass, violation of the cardiovascular system.

If a person is not eating enough natural protein products for any reason, taking AA complexes can be very useful. The supplement will eliminate the lack of amino acids in the blood and significantly improve your health.

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