How to stimulate a weakened immune system?

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The first step is to find out what is the reason for the weakening of your immune system. You need to take a general blood test first. Then, if possible, it would be good to consult an immunologist. He will also recommend examinations. If all these measures did not reveal anything special, then you can strengthen the immune system in clear and long-proven ways.

1. A way of life.

  • The correct regimen of day, the normal ratio of loads and rest.
  • Proper (balanced, regular, sufficient and not excessive) nutrition. The introduction of a sufficient amount of fiber, vegetables and fruits in the diet.
  • The optimal drinking regime is up to 2 liters of clean water daily.
  • Sufficient physical activity (without overloading!) daily.
  • No bad habits (Smoking, including vapes, hookahs, etc., alcohol consumption-excluded!)
  • Compliance with hygiene measures. Often I wash my hands, rinse my nose, even if there is no runny nose, after coming from crowded places. We keep the room clean and air it out.
  • Regular breaks, a change of scenery, trips to the leisure parks.

2. Timely prevention of infectious and “cold” diseases.

  • Taking vitamins in courses.
  • Maintaining the ears, nose, pharynx and larynx in a normal state (they are the gateway for airborne infections).
  • At the slightest ailments, do not delay and contact a competent otorhinolaryngologist. Any runny nose, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis can become chronic, and you will always be particularly vulnerable to the so-called “cold”.
  • But everything is in your hands – protect yourself from this threat, close the gates to infection!

3. Tempering.

A lot has been written about this, and this topic is already “old in the teeth”, but it does not lose its relevance. Strengthen your body, train it to withstand changes in temperature. It’s like gymnastics for our autonomic nervous system, for our blood vessels, and for our immune system too!

If you are already have a “cold”, then the main task is to facilitate the body’s fight against the disease. Drink more water, generally more liquid, preferably warm, but not hot. The toxins come out with the liquid, and you will feel better. Vitamin drink, sweet tea with lemon, mint, raspberry, honey are very well suited for such moments. But be careful, there is such a harmful thing as aspirin asthma, with this disease, raspberries and honey are contraindicated, because they contain aspirin and can provoke an attack!

Lie in bed and drink warm, fragrant tea.

The room in the meantime should be clean, ventilated. Do not overload yourself with a plentiful food, and you will not want to. And you shouldn’t force yourself. Limit the load, minimize or eliminate the use of gadgets if possible. Communicating with them requires a lot of effort, although we may not feel it. They simply take away your strength and simply harm, slow down the recovery process.

Increase the immunity of an adult.

There is one way to increase the immunity of an adult at home using ginger. To do this, you can grind 200 g of roots and mix with lemons ground in a blender (2 pieces with the peel), crushed cranberries (5 tbsp), figs and dried apricots (100g each). Combine and grind everything, pour a glass of honey and eat with tea in amount of one teaspoon. This is not only a plenty of vitamins, but also folic acid, as well as trace elements in the assortment. But all bee products are allergens, so it is better to start taking them with very small doses and monitor the reaction of the body.

Honey can be combined with dried fruits and walnuts: we need half a kilogram of prunes, dried apricots and raisins, and the same amount of nuts. After running it through a meat grinder, mix with half a kilogram of honey. Eat 15 g. of mixture on an empty stomach. Then in 30 minutes you can have breakfast.

Honey with aloe stimulates not only the immune system, but also all processes in the body. Mix the juice of four lemons, aloe juice (125 g), liquid honey (300g) and walnuts (500g). Add vodka (200 g) and infuse for a day. Eat 15 g for 1 minute before dinner, lunch and breakfast.

Honey is also added to herbal infusions. We need lemongrass and nettle (150g each), as well as sage (50g). take a teaspoon and brew in a thermos with one glass of boiling water. Infuse at least for two hours, then add honey (a teaspoon). Drink on an empty stomach in the morning. You can also just mix a kilogram of honey with a couple of large lemons (they are ground with a blender with the peel, but all the pips removed. Eat a tablespoon three times a day.

And as soon as you get better-start acting on the above points 🙂

Adjust your lifestyle, carry out timely prevention and harden yourselves! Do not forget to contact the doctor if you have a runny nose, sore throat, stuffy ears, etc. Timely qualified assistance will prevent the development of complications and significantly accelerate recovery!