What should you take for fractures for rapid fusion of bones?

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Considering various drugs for bones fusion, first of all, you should pay attention to Shilajit.

The use of Shilajit for fracture bones has a positive effect on the overall condition and the ability to restore the bone structure more quickly. This tool can increase the speed of normal processes. In addition, the use of Shilajit for fractures reduces the risk of complications, since it reduces the soft tissue tumor and the intensity of the inflammatory process. This tool has an effect on the microflora, so it reduces the risk of formation of purulent foci.

When treating bone fractures, 0.4 grams of Shilajit should be dissolved in a glass of warm boiled water. This solution should be taken from 1 to 4 times a day. The duration of the course of therapy is usually from 5 to 10 days.

Calcium. Medications for fractures that contain calcium are prescribed to patients of all ages. The same means are capable of rapid healing of damaged bone elements. Only by selecting right medicine you can achieve a positive effect.

Calcium without additional components is poorly absorbed by the body. A good effect can only be achieved when it is taken in combination with vitamin D. There are a number of other elements that can increase the rate of calcium use. The dosage of drugs is prescribed by the practitioner individually. The use of calcium preparations with coffee reduces their effectiveness. It is prohibited to take calcium supplements by yourself and exceed the dosages indicated by the doctor, because excess of this trace element in the body can cause irreparable harm. Excess can settle in the liver, stomach, and kidneys, causing the formation of stones. In addition, they can cause some diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Vitamins. Severe injuries such as fractures have a negative impact on the overall condition. Vitamin complexes are prescribed to support the body. Tablets for fractures are rarely used, because useful substances from them has been digested before.

The best effect is given by drugs in the form of injections. For rapid bone recovery, vitamins of group B are used. Multicomponent complexes are randomly used, which additionally include vitamins D, K, and C. Preparations that contain magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, and folic acid are sometimes designated to the patients. These substances in combination with calcium preparations are able to restore bone tissue as soon as possible. Vitamin complexes and dosages are selected manually for each patient individually.

Ointments. The use of ointments is justified only during the rehabilitation period, that is, after removing the plaster or bandage. The use of some drugs in this form can eliminate hematomas and stagnant processes. In addition, the use of ointments allows you to resist pain.

Properly selected drugs for fractures for rapid bones fusion are necessary. In young body, the process of bone regeneration is rapid. This is due to a higher level of metabolism. With the increase in the recovery process after a fracture, you may be delayed. To reduce the risk of such an adverse course, it is necessary to take medications prescribed by doctors that can heal bone elements and soft tissues.

Opinions about Shilajit People who used natural Shilajit noted improvements from the second week of using the resin. In order to increase the effectiveness of treatment, this method should be used in complex therapy, including medications and physiotherapy. In a serious situation, it is necessary to take the resin internally and externally. Shilajit does not have components that can cause serious harm to the general condition of the body, so this method of treatment is used for elderly patients. Those who have tried the action of mountain resin, noted significant changes. The General condition of the body improves, the injury heals faster, and the degree of unpleasant consequences of the injury decreases. In addition to the positive properties of healing speed, shilajit reduces pain during the wearing of plaster, after it or when refusing a plaster cast. Personally, I was helped to remove inflammation in the spine by a very good tool that can be used at home (without side effects). If you are interested, here is the